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Friday, March 7, 2008

Al Gore and Willie Horton

Viz. the mudslinging that is beginning in earnest between Clinton and Obama now Hillary has her mojo back, I went and read this story on Slate from 1999 about the real origin of the Willie Horton story. Al Gore did it! He brought up the issue in a candidates debate shortly before dropping out of the 1988 race. I love this quote from Bush Snr. strategist Jim Pinkerton, :

"That's the first time I paid attention," said Pinkerton. "I thought to myself, 'This is incredible' ...It totally fell into our lap."

Jonathan Friedland, Mr Guardianista, is right. This thing is raw meat for McCain. If an unsuccessful, testing of the waters candidacy like that of Gore '88 could inadvertently imperil its party's chances to such a degree, Tony Resco, the Bill & Hillary tax return and (insert any scandal to be dredged up between now and Pennsylvania) could have a devastating effect. The GOP could well be in a position to make some cutbacks in its "Oppo Research" department this year. Or they could spend time putting all this dirt in perspective...

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